Frequently Asked Questions

How do I credit my account opened with Swiss Capital?

If the agreed way of working is that Swiss Capital is or will be holding custody of the securities you own, cash transfers related to the buying of exchange traded securities can be made from your bank account to one of Swiss Capital’s client accounts, opened with BRD Societe Generale, Bucharest, Large Corporate Clients Branch (SMCC).

For RON transfers: RO66 BRDE 450S V239 9072 4500

For EUR transfers: RO04 BRDE 450S V239 9099 4500

For USD transfers: RO57 BRDE 450S V239 9187 4500


How can I debit my account opened with Swiss Capital?

Settled cash can be transferred to the bank account agreed upon (stated in the brokerage contract signed) at your request.

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